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Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

General Contractor

Dome Construction


Oakland, CA


FME Architecture


Whiskey Barrel Feature Walls, Reception Desk, Custom Bar & Shelves, Casework & Countertops

We partnered with Dome Construction and FME Architecture to utilize Southern Glazer's own materials in unique ways to capture their legacy as one of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the US.

ABOVE Custom Bar and Shelving

ABOVE Whiskey Barrel Feature Wall

Mission Bell had a fun challenge to incorporate some of Southern Glazer's own materials into their reception area. Our shop accepted the challenge, and took 50 whiskey barrels, dismantled and sorted them for like sizes to create a 3-dimensional woven pattern. We paired that with a desk made of reclaimed wood in a beautiful honey brown. Since a wine and spirits distributor needs their very own bar, we built it using the bottom of wine bottles, custom cut to fit into recesses cut into the bar counter. We added a slate-grey countertop with recessed lighting to highlight the glass bottles applied to the face of the bar. The finished areas reflect exactly what their business is all about.