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Confidential Client

General Contractor

Novo Construction


San Francisco, CA


Brereton Architects


Breakroom, Wood Screens, Banquettes, Stairs, Casework, Lounge Cafe

An asymmetrical ceiling and natural wood element walls bring clean lines and depth to this open area social media platform company.

ABOVE Reception

ABOVE Stairwell

ABOVE Lounge & Banquettes

Designed to accommodate up to 700 staffers, this tenant improvement project took an old John Deere tractor factory with a large, open floor space, concrete mushroom columns and a large central atrium to life as a center for collaborative work and a communal feel. The atrium was extended to the ground floor and features many social areas- spacious lounges and an open dining hall that doubles as an all-hands meeting space. Incorporating the DIY favorite, plywood in ingenious ways, such as the ceiling treatment of slats in a diamond grid form to create a new version of a coffered ceiling. Painted and stained plywood and gypsum board, polished concrete floors and varying shades of gray carpet create a simple and clean aesthetic, serving as the perfect backdrop for a plain canvas that its occupants can customize over time.